Add and manage your return reasons

Adding and managing your return reasons is incredibly easy on PostCo 360. All your return reasons will all appear on your customised Returns Centre page when your customers initiate a return order:

To edit what appears, head over to the Returns Policy tab on your PostCo 360 app, and scroll down to Return Reasons

Whatever you enter in this space will appear on the customer's app as an option. For example:

The return reasons will influence your customers' available return options. For example:

Retailer Borne: These reasons will enable customers to select PostCo returns and/or courier pick-up as an option if it is available for your country. The charges for the free returns will be billed to the retailer separately. 'Damaged item' is a compulsory retailer-borne reason.

Customer Borne: These reasons will limit the customer's return option to paid options, such as 'return by mail', where the customer has to have their own logistics arrangement for their return parcel.

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