Tagging items as non-returnable

This article explains how to specify which products cannot be returned. 

The tagging system works based on what your Shopify product's tags are. To access your Shopify product's tags, go to your Shopify admin > Products, and look at the bottom-right corner:

To make a product ineligible for returns, put the same tag under the 'Ineligible Product Tags' section under your Returns policy tab. You may enter up to 5 tags, and each tag is separated by a new line.

Once you save the policy setting, all products with the tags you have entered into 'Ineligible Product Tags' will now be non-returnable. When customers try to return products tagged as ineligible, they will see this message:

NOTE: This feature typically requires some time to be in effect, so it is always good practice to test your ineligible tags after deploying them.

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