Shipping: Difference between Retailer and Customer Borne

On your PostCo 360 dashboard, you will find a section on 'Return Reasons' that are separated into two components - 'Retailer Borne' and 'Customer Borne'.

Depending on which category you place your return reasons under, your customers will see different return options when they submit their return order:

Retailer Borne: PostCo returns will be enabled as an option if it is available for your country. The charges for the customer's free returns will be billed to the retailer separately. PostCo will initiate a return order separately and provide instructions for customers to drop off their parcel at their nearest convenient location.

Customer Borne: Only the Mail option will appear; this means the customer has to arrange their own logistics for their return parcel.

Below, I demonstrate how this works in real time for the return reason 'Change of mind':

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