Testing a dummy order

Creating a dummy order on Shopify

Begin by going to your Shopify dashboard and go to Orders > Create Order:

Create an order that fulfils the following conditions:

  • The order has to contain products that are live / available on your website
  • The order has to have a customer assigned to it with a valid email address OR phone number (we suggest using your own)
  • The order has to be a paid or pending order (i.e. not a draft order)

*non-published products, custom products, or orders with no customer information cannot be used for PostCo 360

Once the order is created, go ahead and fulfil the order. Please note that if you try to use PostCo 360 with unfulfilled orders, this message will appear:

Exchanging your dummy order (customer app)

Once you fulfil the order, head over to your PostCo 360 Returns Centre page and use the same Order ID and Customer Email / Phone on the order. The order will be pulled out, and you may initiate either your returns or exchanges. For this example, I have decided to do the following:

  • Exchange my Aldo Open Toe Ankle Strap - 38 / Black for a variant that's size 40 / White
  • Use PostCo returns (Free)

Processing your dummy order (Retailer dashboard)

1. Reviewing a pending request

Once you've finished submitting a return request, head over to your PostCo 360 retailer dashboard and click on the Manage Returns tab. You should see the new order created right on top:

To take an action on an order, you'll need to click on the 'View' button. In the following example, I show how you can view the item's details, reject the item (reason must be provided), or approve the order. In this case, I proceed by approving the order:

After reviewing the order, the order's tag will change from 'pending' to 'reviewed'. Your customer will also receive notifications and instructions on how to return their parcel based on the return method chosen by them.

2. Accepting a reviewed request

Upon the product's arrival, you may notify the customer that you have received it by going to the 'reviewed' tab and clicking 'View'. Follow the same set of instructions and click on 'receive' to acknowledge that you have received the parcel:

3. Resolving a received return

Once you have gone through your internal QA/QC, this step is the final control step before you officially resolve the order. You may go to the 'received' tab and check the return order's details.

Once you are sure that you can proceed with the customer's final requests, go ahead and resolve the order (or reject it - you can still do so at this point!)

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