Managing a refund

After a customer initiates a refund request, it will appear under the 'pending' tab under PostCo 360's ' Manage Returns' tab. For this example on how to manage an exchange, I will be demonstrating a refund for an order #1114 where the customer requests a refund due to it being a damaged item.

1. Reviewing a pending refund

Go to Manage Returns > View for the correct Order ID:

Click on the 👁 icon to view the item's details. You can click on the image to look at the image the customer uploaded in another tab. You may also reject the order (reason must be provided) or approve the order. In this case, I proceed by approving the order:

After reviewing the order, the order's status will change from 'pending' to 'reviewed'. Your customer will also receive notifications and instructions on how to return their parcel based on the return method chosen by them.

2. Accepting a reviewed refund

Upon the product's arrival, you may notify the customer that you have received it by going to the 'reviewed' tab and clicking 'View'. Follow the same set of instructions and click on 'receive' to acknowledge that you have received the parcel:

3. Resolving a refund

Once you have gone through your internal QA/QC, this step is the final control step before you officially resolve the exchange. You may go to the 'received' tab and check the return order's details.

Once you are sure that you can proceed with the customer's refund request, go ahead and resolve the order (or reject it - you can still do so at this point!). You may then decide on 3 things: whether to auto restock the item, the refund amount, and the restock location.


  • Refunding via original payment method will only work if the payment was made via Shopify / PayPal. If the payment was made outside of Shopify, you will be required to refund the customer manually.
  • The refund amount will translate to the amount displayed on the Gift Card (for Gift Card refunds).
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