Auto restocking your product for exchanges

PostCo 360 integrates with Shopify to automatically restock your products when customers successfully complete an exchange, so you don't have to restock it yourself from the Shopify dashboard.

Under the ' Returns policy' tab, you will find a section called 'Restock Settings':

To enable auto restocking, make sure that the button shows that it is enabled! I will demonstrate how the restocking works with a test order below:

Firstly, let's have a look at our available variant stock for this product:

As you can see, there are a total of 30 of this product available across 6 variants (2 colours, 3 sizes). Let's go ahead and create a Shopify order for one of these items:

In this test order #1110, I've ordered one of the products from one of the variants (Small / Grey). As such, the stock for this product would change by -1:

Now, I will initiate an exchange with this order. I'm going to exchange it for another variant - same colour, one size up (Medium / Grey):

So far so good! When I manage the returns on PostCo 360's dashboard from pending > reviewed > received > resolved, I will be met with this message before I resolve the exchange:

At this point, you can still toggle the auto-restocking off if you are unhappy with the state of the returned product (i.e. for a damaged item). If you are happy with the condition of the return item, go ahead and click 'Confirm'. This will refresh the Shopify stock based on the returned variant:

The exchange order will not be immediately deducted from your stock, as you will need to fulfil it on your 'Orders' page. If you click on 'Orders' on your Shopify dashboard, you'll see the creation of a new order for your exchanges:

Recap: I created an order #1110 with a product variant (Small / Grey) and exchanged it for variant (Medium / Grey), which is reflected in order #1111. I enabled the auto restocking feature, which allowed Shopify to refresh and update the stock that was returned.

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