Order Statuses

Under the 'Manage Returns' tab, all your customers' order requests will be categorised under 4 different statuses, reflected in the following tabs:


Orders under this tab have been initiated by the customer, but have not been reviewed by you. These customers have submitted their return / exchange requests and are waiting for your response.

After reviewing orders under this tab, the orders will move to the Reviewed tab.


Orders under this tab have been reviewed by you, and a decision has been made on the status of their order: 

  • If their order was rejected, the customer would have been notified on the reason for rejection.
  • If their order was accepted, the customer would have received a notification of the approval, and be given instructions on how to send their return parcels back to your warehouse.
  • If their order was accepted and it was a PostCo return, PostCo will reach out to them separately on the process of initiating their free returns.

After the customer successfully sends their return parcel to your warehouse, you may update the orders under this tab to the Received tab, acknowledging that you have received the parcel safely.


Orders under this tab have been marked as 'received' by you, and will currently be under review / inspection. Once you are satisfied with the return product, you may proceed to update the orders under this tab to the Resolved tab, notifying the customer of the final status of their parcel.


Orders under this tab have been resolved completely, with an agreement on how to proceed with the refunds or exchanges.

  • If the order was a refund, PostCo 360's default refund method is to refund to the buyer's original payment method.
  • If the order was an exchange, the variant returned will be automatically restocked if auto-restocking was enabled.
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