Enabling store credit via Gift Cards

Gift Card Refunds are a great way to retain your customers by incentivising them to continue shopping for your products with additional store credit. 

To get started with this, you'll need to (1) create a Gift Card on Shopify and (2) enable Gift Cards on PostCo 360.

Creating Gift Cards on Shopify

  1. To begin, head over to your Products > Gift cards > Manage gift card products
  2. Select Add gift card product and customise it to your preferences.
  3. Make sure that your product availability is unchecked off ALL your online channels (e.g. Facebook, Instagram) otherwise customers will be able to purchase your Gift Cards:
  4. Go ahead and click that Save button on the top right! Take note of the Product ID in the URL, it can be located at  shopname.myshopify.com/admin/products/<product ID> :

Enabling Gift Cards on PostCo 360

  1. Head over to your 360 dashboard and click on Returns Settings > Return Options and paste your product ID, check the Gift Card Refund box, and save! (that's it!)
  2. Your customers will then be able to select Store Credit as an option for refunds:

Additional notes:

  1. Shopify recently enabled the Gift Card feature for all of their plans, but the feature could continue to be exclusive for all Shopify plans above Shopify Basic. If this happens, PostCo 360's Store Credit Refunds may not be available to new Shopify Basic users.
  2. Gift Cards will continue to be usable to customers if the balance is not used up.
    E.g. a customer who uses a RM100 gift voucher to purchase a RM50 item will still be able to use the balance of RM50 for their next purchase.
  3. PostCo 360 will mark return orders with Store Credit as fully refunded (e.g. 0 amount sales)
  4. PostCo 360's Store Credit Refund will abide by all the reporting caveats of Gift Cards in Shopify. Some of these implications include the fact that Gift Cards are not recorded in Sales, and that the balance of Gift Cards is shown in Liabilities.
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