Setting up Ineligible Product Tags

This feature determines which products are not returnable by matching up the product tags in Shopify with the tags indicated in the Return Settings. 

To access your Shopify product's tags, go to your Shopify admin > Products > the specific product page, and look at the bottom-right corner. Add the applicable tags to products that you would like to exclude from being returned, or use existing tags. For example, common product tags to exclude from returns include 'sale', 'clearance', and 'custom'. 

Next, return to the PostCo 360 app and find the Policy Rule called "Ineligible product tags". Since this is a default rule provided with the app, the condition and outcome has already been set. All you need to do to make the products non-returnable is add the same tags in the Condition line as found in Shopify, separated by a comma. 

Once you save the policy rule, all products with the tags you have entered into the policy rule condition will now be non-returnable. When customers try to return products tagged as ineligible, they will see this message and will not be able to proceed with the return of this particular product. 

NOTE: This feature typically requires some time to be in effect, so make sure to test your ineligible tags after deploying them.

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