Auto-Restock Options

1. Enabling Auto-Restock

This feature enables your returns to be automatically restocked upon receiving an item back at your location and resolving the request.

In the Return Settings, you'll see the switch for Auto Restock. By switching it on or off, you are setting the default setting that will show up during the final stage of the Manage Returns process. However, keep in mind that despite the default, you can always switch it on or off for individual items. 

For example, if you generally want to Auto Restock items in sellable condition, you can keep the default switch on but toggle the switch off for items that come back damaged. The option to Auto Restock individual items will come up at this stage: 

If you are otherwise satisfied with the condition of the return item, go ahead and leave the switch on, and click 'Confirm'. This will automatically add it back into your Shopify inventory based on the returned variant.

If there is an exchange order involved, it will not immediately be deducted from your stock as you will need to fulfill it on your 'Orders' page. If you click on 'Orders' on your Shopify dashboard, you'll see the creation of a new order for your exchanges:

Once this order has been fulfilled, your stock level will be adjusted as normal in accordance with your Shopify orders. 

2. Auto-Restock Locations

You can also select which location's inventory you would like to restock the items to by default. This can be set to the fulfillment location which is variable, or a fixed location if you receive all returns in one central warehouse.

Setting the Restock Location will only be a default, so it can still be amended on a case by case basis in the Manage Returns workflow if necessary. 

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