Setting a warranty return period

Depending on your return policy, you may want to offer a warranty period where customers can return beyond the standard return window if the item is damaged. For example, customers returning within 14 days can select any reason (change of mind, item not as described, etc) but if the items are damaged they have 60 days to return them.

Here's how you can set this up: 

1. Navigate to Return Settings > General, and set your return window to the maximum number of days you are offering for the warranty. 

As per the example above, this will be set to 60 days. 

2. Scroll down on the same page, and check the return reasons. Ensure the relevant reason you want to display is written here, for example 'Damaged item'.

3. Go to Policy Rules and create a new rule. Set up the condition and outcome as follows: 

In effect, customers who enter return requests from the 15th to 60th day will only be able to see and proceed with the Damaged Item return reason. 

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