Can I manually upload a label to get sent to customers without integrating a carrier account?

Manually upload a shipment label for your customers without integrating a carrier account with PostCo 360. This article will help you get your custom shipping method set up. To begin, simply click New to activate the custom shipping method creation under the Shipping Method tab.

The fields are explained below:

  • Name: This appears as the card name when the customer selects a shipping method.
  • Badge Text: This text will appear in the badge above the shipping method name.
  • Description: This text will appear as a subtitle under the shipping method name.
  • Instructions: These instructions will edit the variable {{ packing_instruction }} in the email notification sent to the customer.
  • Requires Shipment Label: Checking this option will prompt the retailer (you) to upload a shipping label during the review stage, which will be sent to the customer for printing.

The following example shows how the shipping method looks to your customers:

If the 'Requires Shipment Label' box is checked, you will need to upload a return label to be sent to your customer's inbox before you can proceed:

The text that was placed in the Instructions field will be included in the email sent to your customers, followed by a link to the return label you uploaded.

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