Changing your Shopify theme

If you have changed your Shopify theme and are using a custom URL, it's possible that your portal will look something like this: 

Keep in mind that if you are making any changes to the page or the template, you need make sure that the correct Theme template is selected.

Follow these steps to get the portal back to normal: 

  1. On your Shopify page, go to themes, find the previous theme, click on the “Actions” dropdown, and click on “Edit Code”
  2. Find the layout, example: page.return-portals.liquid
  3. Copy the code
  4. Go back to themes, and on the current theme click on the “Actions” dropdown, and click on “Edit Code”
  5. Create a layout with the same name as the old layout
  6. Remove the default code, paste the copied code from Step 2-3 and save
  7. On Shopify, visit Pages > your returns page, and on the sidebar on the right, click on the dropdown and ensure that "default" is not selected. Instead, select the corresponding option, e.g. "returns-portal"
  8. Check that the page works properly now
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