Locating shipment info in admin

After the return shipping label has been generated, you can check on the label status via the retailer dashboard or the customer portal. 

1.    Retailer Dashboard

In the retailer dashboard, you should be able to see the label status on the right hand side. In the example below, this is a customer-borne return label where they need to make a payment for the label. If they have yet to make the payment, the Payment Status will be "Pending" 

Once the label has been paid for, the tracking number will be displayed and the Status and Payment Status will be updated. You will then be able to start tracking the parcel and download the label if necessary. 

2.    Customer Portal

Enter the customer's order ID and associated email address. They will be able to view their return label information such as tracking information, and redownload the label if they've lost track of the email. 

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