Error: Exchange and refund were already issued for this item

Why am I prompted this error?

Customer has requested for an exchange for this item and the exchange order has already been created on Shopify BUT a refund has already been issued separately on Shopify. This would mean that the customer may potentially receive both their exchange order and money being refunded to them.

What have caused this error to happen?

You may have configured your setting to create the exchange order before the return request is resolved (upon "reviewed", "in transit" or "received"). The exchange order is then created on Shopify and fulfilled before the request is resolved BUT may have been wrongly refunded separately on Shopify as well.

You can reach out to your account manager or our support team at to review your exchange order creation configurations.

What actions can I take to reduce the warning occurrences in the future?

To avoid such occurrences in the future, we would highly recommending processing all customers' returns solely through PostCo. Should there be a need to proceed with the refund separately on Shopify, do take note that you would be prompted with the error above when trying to update the return requests.

Otherwise, you may hold the delivery of the exchange order if it has not been shipped out.

Can PostCo prevent refunds on Shopify?

Unfortunately, Shopify does not allow us to prevent staffs with the relevant access from issuing refunds on Shopify.

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