Can I add more return item after a return request submission?

You can now add return item to an existing return request. For example, if the customer initially lodged a return for one item and decided to  add another item after, you can now add item directly from the dashboard. You will be required to select return reason, return method and answer questions (if any) when adding a return item.
Note: Items that cannot be added  (e.g., not returnable or already included in existing request) will be shown an error. 
However, here are the caveats.
  • When status is ‘Pending’, returns items can be added
  • When status is ‘Reviewed’, return items can be added for return orders’ where the shipping method is Mail, custom shipping method or in-store
  • When status is ‘Reviewed’, return items cannot be added for return orders’ where the shipping method is an integrated shipping method (e.g., Australia Post, USPS, DHL etc) because the shipment label has been created and sent to customer
  • When status is ‘Received’ and onwards, return items cannot be added because existing return items have been delivered back to the warehouse
How do I add new return item?
  1. Filter for the particular return order within the dashboard.
  2. Click on the action button next to ‘submit’ and select ‘add return item’
  3. Fill in the necessary details and remember to hit the save changes button!
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