Forwarding the discount for new exchange order

If a customer who received a discount on their initial purchase decides to return the item for an exchange, you can choose whether or not to apply the same discount to the exchange item.


Let’s say the customer has purchased item A at $80 and used a $20 discount code but decided to lodge an exchange for a different product.

With higher value exchange enabled, your customers are allowed to exchange an item that is of a higher price. So, if the customer wishes to exchange for item B, priced at $150, they will now be required to pay for the $70 difference. However, there could be two instances.

  1. If forward discount is enabled, the $20 discount code will be carried forward to offset the price difference. In this case, the customer would only need to pay $50 for the new exchange item.
  2. If forward discount is disabled, the previous $20 discount code is forfeited. In this case, the customer would need to pay $70 for the new exchange item.

Ultimately, the decision to maintain the discount for the new exchange order depends on your specific business needs and customer preferences. Feel free to reach out to us for further details on the setup.

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