Gorgias Integration

Our integration with Gorgias allows you to continuously fetch and display customer returns data in the widget section of your Gorgias portal. This way, your customer support team does not need to switch between platforms or searching for information manually.

How it works?

Once you’ve connected your Gorgias account to PostCo, your team will be able to access the customer’s return order data within the ticket itself. If the customer has lodged a return request on PostCo, you get to view the latest 10 submitted return orders based on the customer’s email, sorted by the most recently submitted return order.

The integration will update the return order and display it in the widget section when the following trigger events happen in Gorgias: a ticket is created, a ticket is updated, or a ticket is responded to.

Here is a close up example of a widget filled with data including order name, return reason, item requested for a refund/exchange, etc.

How to connect Gorgias?

Setting up Gorgias is just a few clicks away. Let’s get started:

  1. In PostCo dashboard, head over to the App Integration tab.
  2. Click on “connect”, enter your Gorgias domain, and submit.
  3. You will be asked to authorise the app.
  4. Once it’s approved, you will be redirected back to PostCo dashboard.

If you do not have a Gorgias account, you can easily get one set up here.

Gorgias integration is available on Premium and above.

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