Bundle returns

A bundle product consists of multiple items or SKUs which is sold together as a single unit or SKU. For example, a wellness set (bundle) includes a bathrobe and a pair of room shoes.

By default, your customers are required to return the whole bundle in the app. Although this may be a good setup for brands who require their customers to return every single item within a bundle, they lose the flexibility to return individual products within the bundle.

Here’s how this setup will look like in the portal.

Bundle returns

With bundle returns, you can allow your customers to return individual items within the bundle to avoid the hassle of manually processing the returns and for a more seamless customer experience.

For example, customers who have purchased a wellness set can return the pair of room slipper in exchange for a different size instead of returning them as a whole.

Here’s how this setup will look like in the portal.

Before we proceed with the setup in PostCo dashboard, make sure that every bundle product and its respective individual variant has SKU.

How to set up bundle returns?

To get started, go to Return Settings > General in your PostCo dashboard and click on “create bundle products”. There are two ways on how you can upload your bundle products - you can either create the bundle product manually or you could make use of our import function if there are multiple bundle products to be uploaded into the app.

  1. Create bundle products manually
    1. Click on ‘Create Bundle Product’
    2. Fill in the following fields:
      1. SKU - must be unique to each bundle product and individual product in your Shopify store
      2. Quantity - the number of the particular item(s) within the bundle
      3. Price - a proportion to the price of the item relative to other item in the bundle
    3. Click on ‘Add Bundle Item’ and repeat the process until you are done

Below is a sample of how the bundle product looks like.

Please make sure that the sum of the price of all individual items within the bundle is equal to the price of the bundle. Otherwise, you may receive the error below.

  1. Uploading bundle products via CSV
    1. Click on ‘Import’
    2. Download the CSV template
    3. Fill in the necessary fields and use comma as a separator if there are multiple items to be added

    4. Upload the completed CSV into the app
    5. Click on ‘Import’ to complete the process

Should there be any errors when uploading the CSV, you would be able to see the list of errors along with the details.

Once you are done with the set up, head back to Return Settings > General and toggle the button to activate this feature.

Bundle returns with dynamic variants

The steps to set up bundle returns with dynamic variants is very similar to the above. In the event if your bundle item has multiple variants, you can use a comma-separator to include all the different variants (i.e.: sizing, colour, etc.)

Note: bundle returns with dynamic variants is only available if you implement bundle item variant on Combo Wise.

Please reach out to your account manager or support@postco.co for further assistance.

Bundle return is available on Premium and above.

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