Feature add-ons

To offer more flexibility and customisation options, we provide a range of add-ons that you can choose to tailor your experience and make the most out of our return app.

What is available as an add-on?

  1. Multi-languages: Translate your return portal into numerous languages
  2. Bundle returns: Allow your customers to return individual item within a bundle
  3. Higher-value exchanges: Upsell your customers by allowing exchanges for higher-value products
  4. Bonus credit: Incentivise customers with extra credits (exchange and store credit) to discourage refunds
  5. Instant exchange: Allow your customers to get their exchanges shipped out instantly before it goes out of stock
  6. Keep item: Allow your customers to keep the return item
  7. Questions: Set up questions and statements throughout the customer return journey to gain further insights into your customers’ returns
  8. Printerless returns: Ship return items without the need to print out the return label
  9. App integrations: Connect PostCo to our pre-built integrations with the top tools and apps to streamline your return workflow
  10. ERP integration: Connect your ERP software to simplify your returns workflow
  11. WMS integration: Connect your WMS system to streamline your return inventory movements

Feel free to check out our pricing page to view the full breakdown. Alternatively, be in touch with us at support@postco.co or your account manager for more details.

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