Managing notifications

There are two categories of notifications, namely retailer notifications (sent to you and your team) and customer notifications (sent to your customers).

Retailer Notifications

Head over to the Notifications page from your PostCo 360 dashboard. In the Retailer Emails section, you'll see the following:

  1. New Return Request Submission
    This email will be sent to you as soon as customers submit a return request.
  2. Weekly Report
    This email is a weekly overview of your returns,sent out every Monday at GMT+8:00.

To send notifications to multiple email addresses, simply use a comma "," to separate your email addresses.

Customer Notifications

Scroll down to the Customer Emails section to configure customer notifications. There are 5 automated emails sent to your customers which can be switched on or off according to your preference:

  1. Return Confirmation
    This email is sent upon submission of the return request.
  2. Return Reviewed
    This email is sent as soon as you review (approve or reject) the return request.
  3. Return Received
    This email is sent as soon as you acknowledge receipt of your customer's return parcel.
  4. Return Completed
    This email is sent as soon you resolve the return request.
  5. Return Rejected
    This email is sent out if all items in the return order is rejected.

Export Reports

Return reports can be exported to a CSV file from your PostCo 360 dashboard. Define the recipients of the exported recipients by entering the email address(es) in the Export Reports section:

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