Enabling store credit via Discount Codes

Discount Code Refunds are a great way to retain your customers by incentivising them to continue shopping for your products. 

To get started with this, simply toggle the option for Discount Codes in your PostCo 360 Dashboard, under Returns Settings > Return Options.

From here, the return flow is similar to refunding via original payment method. You will be able to select the amount that is refunded via a Discount Code at the 'Resolve' stage of managing your parcel - please note that this amount does not include tax:

Additional notes:

  1. Discount Codes, unlike Gift Cards will NOT be usable to customers if the balance is not used up. 
    E.g. a customer who uses a USD100 gift voucher to purchase a USD50 item will forfeit the balance of USD50 and will unable to use it for their next purchase.
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