Creating a Return Rule

To start creating your Policy Rule, head over to 'Policy Rules > Create Return Rule'.

In this example, we will demonstrate how to enable exchanges for return orders initiated a week from fulfilment.

  1. Give your Policy Rule a title that will help you remember what it does. e.g. "Exchanges Before 7 Days".
  2. Set your Rule conditions according to your needs. In this case, I will choose the entity and property 'Order' and 'Return window', and the operator and value 'in between 0 - 7 days'.
  3. Since I am aiming to enable an outcome of only exchanges, I will choose 'Return Methods' and check the 'Same Product' box under 'Exchange Method'.
  4. (optional) Set your priority depending on how important this rule is in comparison to other rules.


With this example, you have created a rule which allows same product exchanges for return orders between 0 - 7 days. This is an excellent supplement to your other return settings and will enable greater control over your customers' return options. For example, customers who now initiate their returns after 1 week from the date of fulfilment will not be able to exchange for same products anymore, but only utilise the remaining return methods (Refund: Original Payment Method and Refund: Discount Code).

N.B. if return methods are greyed out, check if they are enabled first at your 'Return Settings' tab.

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