How do I set up different return address for different products?

Currently, we only support returns to a single return address. However, there is a workaround to allow different products to be returned to different addresses.

Step 1: Create custom shipping method

You can create your own custom shipping method under 'Return Settings' to inform customers to arrange their returns to be delivered to your nominated return address. However, automated shipment label generation is NOT available for this option and your customers would need to bear the shipping fee to have the items returned back to you.

Step 2: Create custom policy rule

You can now create a return rule under 'Policy Rules' to limit certain products to being returned to the nominated address in the custom shipping method that you have created above. One way to set this up is to create a Condition based on your Shopify product tags and then setting an Outcome where return requests with such condition will only be given the option to return via the custom shipping method that have been created earlier.

For example, products that are fulfilled from your US warehouse can tagged as 'US warehouse' under your Shopify product tags. The same product tag can be then used when you create your return rule below (when product tag includes 'US warehouse', then, only offer 'US returns').

When this rule is activated, you are now able to get your products delivered to different addresses.

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