Setting up Advanced Exchange

The Advanced Exchange feature allows customers to exchange for any other product as determined by your Shopify collections. 

However, do take note that your customers will only be able to exchange for products of the same price or lower. When exchanging for a lower price item, the remaining balance can be refunded to the customer in the form a store credit. Products that are more expensive than the one being returned will not be available for exchange.

Getting set up

Under 'Return Settings', enable 'Advanced Exchange' and click on 'Advanced Exchange Settings' to set up your exchange options. If you do not see this option in your 'Return Settings', you may reach out to your Account Manager to get this feature set up.

If you have recently made changes to your Collections, click on 'Sync Shopify Collections' to make sure that all collections are accurately reflected in the app. 

Next, click on 'Create Exchange Option' to set up an Advanced Exchange option based on the product being returned. You can start by creating a name and description (optional) for the exchange option - this will be displayed on the customer journey. 

Using our example below, I've set up an exchange option where I would like my customers to be able to exchange any item in the Hoodies collection ('Product Collections', referring to the product being returned) for any other items within the Hoodies collection ('Exchange Collections', referring to products that can be selected for exchange). 

In effect, my customers can now explore all the other items within the Hoodies collection that I've set up on Shopify. You can also select multiple collections for both the Product Collections and the Exchange Collections (e.g. Hoodies, Trousers, Bags, etc.) 

Here's how the exchange options will look in your return center.

Advanced Exchange is available on the Pro Plan and above.

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