Advanced exchange

Advanced Exchanges allows your customers to exchange for a completely different product or style. For example, instead of exchanging a small dress for a medium, the customer browse through all your products to opt for a new pair of jeans instead.

Getting set up

To display the appropriate set of Shopify collections in the portal, head to ‘Return Settings’ and click on ‘Advanced Exchange Settings’ to set up your exchange rules.

To create an exchange rule, here’s what you need to know:

  1. Title: Give your exchange rule a name so that it’s easier to identify the different rules that you have set up.
  2. Return collections: This refers to the Shopify collection of the returning product. Collections listed in this section will be allowed to exchange for products specified in your selected Exchange Collections.
  3. Exchange collections: This refers to the Shopify collection that will be available for exchanges in the portal. Collections listed in this section will be made available for exchanges for products specified in your selected Return Collections.
  4. Sync Shopify collections: If you have recently made changes to your Collections on Shopify, click on 'Sync Shopify Collections' to make sure that all your latest collections are reflected in the app.

Setting up exchange rule

To allow customers to exchange for any other products in your store, here's how you can set it up.

Return Collections

You may include "All Products" (or any other Shopify collections that you prefer) so that your customers can return anything in your "All Products" collection to exchange for items specified in the Exchange Collections below.

Exchange Collections

Add individual Shopify collections that your customers can browse through for exchanges such as "Tops" and "Denim".

With this setup in place, your customers would be able to return anything to exchange for items available in your "Tops" and "Denim" collection.

Once set up, just make sure you activate your Exchange Rule and you're good to go!

Advanced Exchange is available on the Pro Plan and above.

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