Carrier account setup

We are integrated with over 50 major carriers worldwide including USPS, DHL, Australia Post, Royal Mail (OBA) DPD, and more. You can connect your preferred carrier account, or use ours, to generate return labels automatically. Via automated return label generation, the labels will be sent directly to your customers' inbox for their perusal. 

Connecting your own preferred carrier account

To check out our available carrier options, our support team at is here to help or you could submit your carrier account credentials here

Using PostCo's network of carrier accounts

Alternatively, you can opt to connect our carrier accounts to your app. To check out our available carrier options and rates, you can reach out to our support team at and we'll be in touch. 

Once you have an account connected, you'll be able to see this in your Policy Rules as a Shipping Method. In the Policy Rules, you can determine conditions as to which the customer will see certain options, e.g. only displaying USPS to customers based in the US, and displaying DHL or mail-in for international customers. 

NOTE: If you do not wish to connect a carrier to provide automatically generated labels, you can offer customers the mail-in option where they will find their own means of sending the items back, provide them with a pre-printed label in the original parcel, or set up a custom shipping method.  

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