Locating your Australia Post credentials

To connect your  Australia Post account, you'll need to submit your account credentials. Here's how you can retrieve this information: 

  1. Set up a Developer Centre account here.
  2. Next, register for the Shipping & Tracking APIs here.
    1. Click on the ‘Register your interest today’ link.
    2. Ensure you specify your account number(s), separated by commas (you can specify a large list in the comments field in the last step)
    3. If you are adding account(s) to an existing key, please specify this including the key you wish the account(s) to be added to, in the comments field in the last step
    4. Specify your platform partner (click on 'Other' and then select 'PostCo') in the second step of the registration process
  3. Wait for confirmation email and then follow the steps as provided 

If you face any issues, please contact the Australia Post Lodgement Support team

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