Creating exchanges at different stages

By default, PostCo 360 will generate an exchange order after the return request has been Resolved (Completed). You may want to choose to create the exchange order at an earlier for a number of reasons, such as as having a fast-paced nature of order/exchange order fulfillment or reservation of stock. You can opt to have the exchange order generated at any of the below stages. It will be created as a real order (as opposed to a draft order). 


Once the request has been approved for the customer to send the item back. Please take note that if you have auto-approval on, this process will be highly expedited, as it will go directly from the customer submitting the request, to being approved, to the exchange order being created. 

Shipment in transit

When the item has been scanned by your shipping partner, indicating that the customer has dropped the item off and it is already on the way back. This is only available if your customer has selected an integrated shipping method (e.g. a connected DHL Express account) so that we have access to the carrier information. 


When your team has received the item back to your location and it has been marked as received, but has not necessarily been inspected and approved.


The final stage where you have inspected the item and determined whether you want to automatically restock it back in your inventory. This is the default option as you may want to check that the returned items are correct and are in accordance with what your customer submitted.

Please get in touch with us here if you would like to change your order creation stage, instead of having it set at the default Resolved. 

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