Managing exchange order creation upon review

Once "Exchange upon Reviewed" has been enabled, the exchange order will automatically be generated in your Shopify orders page once the first approval has taken place in your dashboard - it will be generated as a real order, as opposed to a draft order. You can opt to have all exchange orders named with a prefix, as shown below, or a suffix, in order to distinguish them from the rest of your orders.

If you only want to fulfill orders once the items have been received (e.g. this feature is only enabled to reserve stock), you can use the order tags and prefix/suffix that will automatically be applied. 

Once the request has been approved for the customer to send the item back, it will be tagged with "PostCo 360 Return Pending". 

Once the item has arrived back at your warehouse and been marked in your dashboard, it will automatically be tagged with
"PostCo 360 Return Received". 

Given the above, you can query a search to fit the criteria of: 

  • Exchange order, by using the prefix/suffix in the search bar; and
  • Whether the return has been received, by using the Filter and checking for the "PostCo 360 Return Received"

The results of this search will be orders to fulfill. 

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