Shipping methods overview

As customers submit return requests via your portal, there are several shipping methods that you can offer to your customers to send the item back to your warehouse. 

Connecting a Carrier Account 

We are integrated with over 50 major carriers worldwide including USPS, DHL, Australia Post, DPD, Hermes and more. You can connect your preferred carrier account, or use ours, to generate return labels automatically. Via automated return label generation, the labels will be sent directly to your customers' inbox for their perusal. 

Custom Shipping Methods

If you would like to use your own carrier or return method that isn't integrated with PostCo 360, you can create a custom shipping method to provide custom instructions. 

One popular setup is to use your own carrier account and manually generate labels and upload to be sent to your customers. As part of the 'Reviewed' stage under Manage Returns, you can enable an additional step to upload a PDF label for your customers. The customer experience will be the same as automated label generation (connecting a carrier account) as they will still get the label in the automated email template, but will require manual work on your end. 

Alternatively, you can use Custom Shipping Methods for pre-printed labels. You can simply apply customized instructions into the custom shipping method and will not need to generate or upload a label, as they will have already received one in their parcel. The customer will get the customized instructions that you have sent in the automated emails. 


All accounts will automatically have the mail-in option. This means that customers will get an automated email with the instructions and return address, and will thereafter be responsible for finding their own shipping method.

NOTE: 'Shipping Method' is an Outcome in the Policy Rules. You can determine which shipping methods will be displayed to different customers to avoid confusion (e.g. display DHL to international customers, and USPS to domestic customers). 

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