Printerless returns

We've partnered with USPS, FedEx, and Royal Mail to introduce printerless returns for your customers. Instead of requiring them to print the return label, printerless returns provide a QR code for your customers to easily drop off their parcels, eliminating the need for a printer and making the return process more convenient.

Note: This is available for USPS and FedEx within the United States; Royal Mail within the United Kingdom.

Customer Experience

If your customers choose the printerless returns option, they will get a QR code for dropping off their item(s) once you've reviewed and approved the return request. If customers were required to make payment for the return shipping, they would receive the QR code once they have successfully made the payment. With the generated QR code, customers can now take their return items to the drop-off point and present the QR code to the staff.

How can my customers access the QR code?

There are 2 ways for your customers to access the QR code.

Your customers will receive the QR code after their return request has been approved. Customers can present the QR code to the staff upon dropping off their shipment and a return label will be printed on the spot. In any case the QR code is not working, customers would still have the option to download and print the return label.

Frequently asked questions

  1. How do I activate printerless returns?

    You can email us at or be in touch with your account manager to get your account connected.

  2. Do I need my own carrier account to offer printerless returns?

    We have you covered for USPS, but to enable printerless returns for FedEx and Royal Mail, you'll need to have an account with the courier.

  3. What if the QR code doesn’t work for customers?

    Customers have the option to download and print the shipment label from their return reviewed email notification.

  4. Do I have access to my customers’ QR code?

    Yes. After the shipment is created, you'll find both the QR code and the shipment label in the shipment info section on the right side of the return request in Manage Returns.

Printerless return is available as an add-on for Basic, Pro, and Premium plans. Plus and Enterprise plans will get full access to the feature.

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