Publishing your returns center on your store

Once you have configured your returns centre to your liking, it's time to set up your returns centre on your Shopify store! There are two methods to do this:

Embedding your 360 Returns Centre to your Policy Page

To do this, simply add a button or a redirection link to your Returns Policy page. Be sure to test your custom returns centre link before doing so!

Instantly directing your customers to your 360 Returns Centre (recommended)

We highly recommend this because customers will be able to have a seamless post-purchase experience, moving from your website straight into the PostCo 360 app. Typically, returns are found either in the navigation panel or the footer navigation:

In this case, it is in the footer. To embed your Returns Centre to your footer, head over to your Shopify Dashboard and go to Sales Channels > Online Store > Navigation > Footer:Edit the relevant footer (in this case, it is the 'Returns & Exchanges' link) and link it up with your PostCo 360 returns centre's custom URL:

Hit 'Apply Changes' and you're good to go!

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