Extra Shopify charges

What happens when I exceed my order limit?

As of October 2020, we've updated our billing to include extra volume charges. For every order processed above your current plan limit, you will be charged an additional USD 0.80 per order.

Note that an order is counted to the total order volume when customers initiate a return, e.g. during the ' pending' stage and not when an order is completed.

What else can I be charged for?

Currently, PostCo 360 offers the ability to define your return window by fulfilment date (default) or by delivery date. 

The benefit of defining your return window by delivery date ensures that your customers adhere to your return window beginning from the date they receive your product, instead of from the date you fulfil the order on Shopify (which may be a few days before the courier delivers the parcel to your customer).

If your courier of choice is not integrated with Shopify, PostCo 360 offers the option to track your delivery date with a surcharge of  USD 0.10 per tracking number, charged automatically to your account.

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