I want to incentivize my customers with extra store credit. Can I automate that?

This is fantastic way to retain your customers! Instead of losing your customers to refunds, you can incentivize them with additional store credit when they opt in for a store credit refund. By doing this, your customers can start spending at your store again with the store credit that you have issued.

First of all, you may refer to this article here to make sure you're communicating the store credit incentive to your customers.

Here's how you can automate the store credit calculation

  • Head over to 'Policy Rules' to create a return rule to automate the return amount adjustment.
  • You can name the rule under 'Title' and select your preferred level of priority. Note that the name in your 'Title' will be displayed in your customer email notifications, so please make sure that it is clear and concise for them to understand :)
  • Under 'Conditions', select 'Return Item' as your entity, 'Return Method' as your property, 'include' as your operator then 'Gift Card' as your available return methods.
  • You can select 'Return Amount Adjustment' in your 'Outcome' then you should be able automate the additional store credit as per your desired outcome. In our example below, we have set an extra 10% store credit as our outcome. Alternatively, you could also automate the return amount in terms of dollar value (e.g., USD10.00).

Will I be able to see the adjustments when I resolve the return request?

  • At this stage, you will not be able to see the automated adjustment amount in the resolve stage. It will only display the original item price that the customer has paid for. Please note that any adjustments made here will override the return amount adjustment rule that has been created.
  • However, you will notice that it has been highlighted to you that a rule is already in place to automate your return amount adjustment.
  • Once confirmed, the return amount adjustment will be reflected within the 'Return Summary' in your dashboard. Note that it may take a few seconds for the adjustment to be loaded. In our example below, an automated calculation of an extra 10% store credit has been applied to this return item.
  • This adjustment will also be shown in your customers' Resolved email notification.

Any other ways I can make use of this automated return amount adjustment feature?

  • This return amount adjustment automation will also work for cases where you'd like to deduct a certain percentage or dollar value of processing fee for original payment method refunds (e.g., deduct USD10.00 processing fee all original payment method refund request). 
  • All you'll need to do is to change the available return method in your 'Conditions' and amend your return amount adjustment in the 'Outcome' based on your desired outcome.
  • Please take note that additions of return amount are not available for original payment method refunds as Shopify prohibits customers to be refunded more than what they have paid for.

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