Charts and insights

Aside from exporting reports from 'Manage Returns', you can access charts and insights to your returns in 'Analytics'. You can easily adjust the timeline to access insights on the returns within the time period of your choice.

Returns over Time
This chart would include all the returns submitted within your selected time period. The total returns will also be broken down into different statuses - 'Pending', 'Reviewed', 'Received', 'Resolved', 'Rejected' and 'Pending Action'.
Return Methods Breakdown
This chart will display the breakdown of return methods (refunds, store credit and exchanges) that your customers have selected. This is a helpful chart to understand how much of your sales have been retained using store credit and exchanges against refunds.

Countries Breakdown
This chart allows you to understand where the majority of your returns are coming from. It comes in handy especially if you have international customers returning.
Top Return Reasons
This chart helps you gain insights on why your products are getting sent back to you.Top Return Items
This chart represents the most common items that are being returned by your customers.

Top Customers
This chart allows you to understand your customers that have been frequently returning their purchases to you.

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