Under the Manage Returns tab, all your customers' order requests will be categorised under 5 different statuses, 'Pending', 'Reviewed', 'Received', 'Pending Action' and 'Completed'. 

Export Function

  • All return request information can be exported based on your preferred filter by clicking on the 'Export' button in this page. Note that the exported return report will be emailed to the email address listed under 'Export Reports' in your Notification settings.

Timeline and Comments

  • Within each return request, we allow you to share notes and comments to make sure that all users of the app are well-informed of the status of all return requests. An automated timeline of every change in the statuses will be reflected as well.

Exchange Order

  • Once an exchange request is resolved, a new exchange order will be automatically created on Shopify and the link to this new Shopify order will be reflected under 'Exchange Order' within the return order itself.

Payment Gateways

  • 'Payment Gateways' indicate the payment gateway that the customer have used to paid for the original order (Shopify Payments, Paypal, Stripe, Afterpay or gift card etc). If the customer were to select for an original payment method refund, the payment gateway indicated here is where the customer will be refunded to.

Customer Info and Shipping Address

  • Your customers are allowed to make changes to their contact information and address when submitting their return request in the return center. Any changes made will be reflected under 'Customer Info' and 'Shipping Address'. In the event that your customers would like these info to be amended after they have submitted their return request, you can get them edited here by clicking on the 'Edit' button.

    In the case of an exchange request, once resolved, the new contact details and shipping address will be automatically updated in the new exchange order on Shopify.

Shipment Info

  • If you have connected a carrier account to our app, you can easily track your customers' returns by clicking on the 'Track' button. You can also access and download your customers' return label by clicking on the 'Download Label' button.

    Note that you can only track and download the return label after you have approved the return request or after the customer has successfully made payment for their label (if customer-paid returns is set up).

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