My customer has not received their refund. What should I do?

To address this issue:

  1. Start by reviewing the order timeline in Shopify.
  2. Take a look whether the refund status is listed as "pending" or “unable to refund”.

(a) The refund status is pending

If the status is “pending”, this means Shopify is in the midst of processing the refund and the processing time may vary between banks. You may give it a check within the next 2-3 business days.

Here's how it would appear in the Shopify timeline when the refund is processing:

Expand the timeline to view the full details:

(b) Unable to refund

In case you encounter an error, we recommend sending an email to us at along with the order number, a screenshot of the timeline, and the error code (if any). We will be able to assist you to get it sorted.

Here's how it would appear in the Shopify timeline in case of an error:

Expand information from the gateway to view full details of the error:

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